Vice Card Challenge


In 1984, fans of the hit television show "Miami Vice" were blown away by the speed of competitive shooter Jim Zubiena and his portrayal of a hit man who notoriously draws from AIWB and fires a Mozambique.  The team at PACT Inc. analyzed this scene in the episode and theorized that to replicate this level of performance, the drill would have to be fired in 1.38

Official Rules


1. Clean/pasted target must be shown free of hits.

-Target is standard IPSC target with standard 3x5 index card for headbox.  Modern Samurai Project targets will also be accepted. *EDIT* You can also print this target for your A-Zone.  Full credit to Pistol-forum user RJ from this thread.

2. Tape measure at 21 feet must be shown.

3. Clear timer must be shown.

4. Shooter and target must be visible.

5. Surrender draw guidelines must be followed. (See bottom of this text)

6. Par time is 1.38 or under.

7. Concealment only. Garment must cover firearm completely.

8. Submit videos using the form below.  Please use a video host, such as YouTube to send me a link to the video. DO NOT delete your original recording of your run until after it has been reviewed and accepted, in the case that something potentially questionable needs checked.

9. There are only 50 patches

10. As a catch-all rule, the spirit of the scene is to be kept intact.  You're pretending to surrender with your hands held up, you draw and fire.  Anything deemed outside the spirit of the scene is subject to denial of an award. Example: obvious modifications to garments will not be accepted.

11. Cheating of any variety will not be tolerated.  Timer-jumping, target switching, camera cuts, etc. will not be accepted. Video submissions are thoroughly reviewed for these, suspected submissions will be rejected.


Very simple - Wrists at/above nipple-height with palms facing the target.  See video examples.

Example Video
Gabe White's Submission Run

#00 - Chris Long - @Cannon762

#1 - Gabe White -

#2 - Bill Parson - @Plymouth_2A

#3 - Jesse O'Leary - @Longusflavavir

#4 - Hunter Oswalt - @Hunter_Oswalt

#5 - Eli Blakely - @eliblakley

#6 - Brian Frauenthal Burkett - @Ghostsactual

#7 - Chase Rogers - @Emchaster

#8 - Brian Giovannini - @Gio_Actual

#9 - Scott Jedlinski - @Modern_Samurai_Project

#10 - Kris Fortney - @FortKris

#11 - Joel Schriver - @applied.performance

#12 - Kai Mathison - @Corneliuscrackhead

#13 - Justin Hickey - @Hickwagon81

#14 - Josh Webb - @JWebb489

#15 - Jason Rafferty - @thejayraff

#16 - Ben Odom - @ben_odom00

#17 - Patrick Parker - @Wannabemarksman

#18 - Caleb Ragsdale - @straightshooter89

#19 - Josh Espinosa - @joshiepewpew14

#20 - Seth Farmer - @sethfarmerphotography

#21 - Donovon Moore - @Point_1_Tactics

#22 - Benjamin Corry - @doyouevenbeard_actual

#23 - Nick Young - @SpartanNC

#24 - JCN

#25 - Fabio Spinella - @MyOwnDefender

#26 - Jeremy Shures - @Emperor_shures

#50 -

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