Intro HAM Radio Guide


The purpose of this guide is to act as a starting point for preparedness-minded individuals to see the benefits of HAM radios as an emergency communication solution and answer questions that were difficult to find the answers to when I first began.  This is not an end-all-be-all guide from a HAM expert or even enthusiast.  This is a layman's guide to getting started, and showing the paths to further your knowledge in the interest of adding another tool to your toolbox.  Many of these topics will be extremely over-simplified.  My hope is that this guide will spur readers to develop their own enthusiasm and continue their education. 


As an additional note, I am not affiliated with any governing body that would oversee any radio transmission and as such it's not my business if you choose to get a HAM license or not.  Keep in mind that choosing to transmit on HAM frequencies without a license in most situations is unlawful - I presume you are an adult and as such are capable of making your own decisions.